What we've accomplished

Where we began, and where we are going
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  • Refinanced Sunset Grove business district TIF bonds for overall savings of approximately $700K

  • Hosted a series of webinars, communications, and flexible special events policies to help village businesses survive through the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Completed full paving, water, and street improvements for Robert Parker Coffin Road

  • With re-paving of LG portion of Cuba Road, completed 56% of 15-year road plan

  • Secured a $150,000 matching grant for a pathway along RPC that will connect downtown to Sunset Grove by fall 2021

  • Re-opened a fully refurbished historical bridge, including new abutments/foundation, painting, and cover with new steel reinforcements, with financing from a state grant and LG Historical Society donations, as well as insurance payments and village reserves

  • Approved new South Gateway TIF district (along Old Rte 53 to Lake Cook Road) to motivate and enable development as we seek to diversify and grow our sales tax revenues



  • Celebrated the completion of improvements for Old McHenry Road in downtown, including re-paving, water, pedestrian lighting, traffic light, landscaping, and improvements to the village Visitor Center.

  • Initiated partnership with Village of Mundelein to handle permit inspections, streamlining with mobile tablets and electronic payments.

  • Launched a more robust and user-friendly website: www.LongGroveIL.gov

  • With the state’s shut-down of its most recent environmental impact study for extending Route 53, we quickly pivoted to exploring new uses for that corridor to enhance economic development and environmental protection

  • 11 new businesses came to Long Grove, while 7 closed.  Sunset Grove reached full occupancy.

  • 100% of properties along Old McHenry Road downtown connected to village water, including the Long Grove Fire District station

  • Renewed public safety contract with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  Long Grove has 2 deputies and 2 cars dedicated to the village 17 hours/day, 365 days per year + all the resources of the Sheriff’s office as well, without investing in overhead a village police department would require.

  • Signed a new village waste hauler agreement including electronic waste pickup with Waste Management via RFP bid process.

  • 47% of roads paved by end of 2018 (4 years into 15-year plan)

  • Maintained healthy financial reserves of over 100% of full year general fund expense budget

  • Updated the Village Comprehensive Plan

  • Approved 2 large PUDs (planned unit developments) along Old Hicks Road: Karen’s Corner & Deer Trail

  • 8 new businesses came to Long Grove while 8 closed


  • Created the Economic Development Commission (EDC) and recruited initial resident members offering an attractive diversity of relevant backgrounds: property developer, site selection consultant, accountant, entrepreneur, marketing, investments, business strategy, and law.

  • Re-initiated printed Bridge newsletter, sending to all residents 6x/year

  • Launched first digital newsletter to residents, updated every other week

  • Initiated a 50/50 sales tax / property tax rebate to incentivize Downtown & TIF properties to invest in improvements

  • Sold four developable lots in Archer parking area to a developer

  • 40% of roads paved by end of 2017 (3 years into 15 year plan)

  • Completed Old McHenry Road water main extension

  • Began Old McHenry Road reconstruction: stoplight & crosswalks, new sidewalks, improved drainage, buried electric, new pedestrian lighting, benches, trashcans, landscaping

  • 11 new businesses came to Long Grove, while 4 moved elsewhere